Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Wannabee Quilter

In the back of my mind I've been thinking about learning to quilt, and a recent reconnection in blogland with a friend from long ago has moved those thoughts closer to the forefront.  I've been learning how-to's from reading Freda's blog and others, and soon hope to put these ideas into action ~ once I get a sewing machine.  I'm thinking this winter after market season would be dandy!

Yes indeed...that was the view from my front door last winter, a bit unusual for the coast, but I'd like to enjoy that again...but briefly.

A few days ago, my friend Susan phoned me and gave notice about a local quilt show happening "tomorrow", and would I like to go. Yes! 

Quilters By the Sea Guild had a beautiful display of local quilts, and I wanted to share some of them with you.

Oh!  But first, I was led to a little workshop where I made a yo-yo!

Now on to the quilt show!  Isn't this first one fun?!

ready for my close up!

Fish triangles

This quilt had a cute note attached

Look at the incredible depth!  And this one seams tedious! ;-)

So pretty in pink.

Wow, fabric portraits!

What talent!

I'll be posting more of these fabulous quilts in the next day or two, stay tuned!


  1. So excited that you're going to start quilting! Love your 1st yoyo... ya done good!

    I also love the kitty cat quilt... I am also allergic to cats but would love to have a quilting kitty... and making a quilt like this will probably be the only way to have one!

  2. These quilters are really talented- what creativity