Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Please...Coddle Me

an egg or two!  Oh, the simple pleasures and beauty of egg coddlers!  My friend Carol introduced me to them several years ago, and now I consciously look for them in thrift stores.  They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes.

Recently, my dear sister gave me this gorgeous blue and white for my birthday!
Isn't it lovely?!  Thanks Sis!

the back side

And it's a DOUBLE!  It holds 2 eggs, so I'll use it for when I awake extra hungry or to share with W.  (My first one stands beside it).

I have come to realize that alot of people have never heard of egg coddlers, so here's a little "3 minute egg" education, *lol* (I almost said "eggucation", but resisted).

Egg coddlers have been manufactured by Royal Worcester in Worcester, UK since at least the 1890s, and were probably invented there.  

Coddled eggs are gently or lightly cooked eggs with the help of a porcelain cup or ramekin with a lid.

The inside of the egg coddler is first buttered in order to flavor the egg and allow it to be removed more easily.  I then lightly salt and pepper the inside before breaking a raw egg (or in this case, eggs) into the coddler;

a little more pepper on the top, screw on the lid, and place in a pan of near-boiling water for 7-8 minutes.  

the end result

 This was the double coddler debut and quite honestly, I left it too long in the water and it is a bit more firm than I like.
The egg white should be soft, and the yoke not quite runny.  I'll have to run another 'test' tomorrow, as I'm not use to a double egg coddler, but I sure will learn!


  1. Although I've heard of and seen egg coddlers, I've never had a coddled egg. Sounds like something I need to get "into"... thanks for sharing this tutorial on coddling eggs!

  2. I'm so fussy about what I consider under cooked eggs, however I bet my husband would love that little invention.
    Also, love the one with the little bird.

  3. Thanks Cis- glad you love your egg coddler- it matches great with your other one.