Monday, April 25, 2011

Bad Hair Day???

Long hair can be a daily challenge, but the right learning tools and accessories can prevent potential bad hair days! {Click the pics to zoom}

With the use of decorative hair sticks, you can color coordinate or even go with a wardrobe theme for the day. 

Take a moment to "poke around" ;-) this just might see something that makes hair care fun!

Whip it up into a Chinese knot, wrap up a Figure 8, or twist into a Basic bun ~ possibilities abound!

A huge shout out to my cousin Sabrina, for the tutorial demonstrating the techniques.  She has the longest and prettiest hair of anyone I know.  Great job Cuz!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hollow / Empty

Hollow beads can be tricky to make, but once you catch on, the process can be intriguing, mesmerizing even.  This one is adorned with random blue and green glass particles...really dresses it up I think.
The hollow, or empty, bead brings to mind the empty hollow...because death and the grave could not hold Him.   The Lord is Risen!

Sunday's comin'

Some of my favorite beads to make are using striped cane for raised flowers, or simple "poked" flowers, or these...rosy and magnified with clear encasing. Soothing colors and pleasing pastels remind me of spring, my favorite time of year.  And flowers remind me of the Easter season in particular. 

The trees are in bloom!  And it was a tree that our Savior carried himself - to die on - yet He lives, that we might be a kind of first fruits among God's creatures...
a Tree of Life.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Testing a new blog site

I made these glass beads some time ago, but am just now showing them.  Although the royal blue and majestic purple were difficult to capture in all their glory, you can enjoy tracking the patterns within.  I do adore these 2 colors!  And the green one with its florescence and hints of rust is funky and a springtime favorite.