Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Published Work

The December 2014 issue of The Soda Lime Times(link), an "In-Box Magazine about and for Lampwork Bead Makers", was published yesterday.  It features interesting articles, tutorials, and photos of beautiful glass work by lampwork artists.

This month features an article about a Facebook group I'm involved in, Lampwork Beads For Sale. Our membership consists of artists who sell their handmade beads, and buyers or designers who make jewelry.  The SLT article contains photos from our group, and
I am honored to be included among them...

with this picture of one of my blown conch shells!

Diane Woodall, the managing editor and an accomplished lamp-worker herself, says:
"Folks can can come to for a free issue and to subscribe - or just to learn more about the magazine."

The monthly issues are available on an individual basis for immediate download, so you're not committed to receiving for a period of time, unless you desire.

My thanks to Diane and her staff for a quality publication and support of the lampwork community. I look forward to it every month!