Monday, July 25, 2011

Part 2: A Wannabee Quilter

More gorgeousness from my very first visit to one of our LQS (local quilt shows), or ANY quilt show, for me.  This one was the Quilters By the Sea Guild.

Susan and I loved this idea!  I have hankies that were my mom's and grandmother's, plus some from other countries.

This was shown in my last post, said it was pretty in pink

Now here's the full monty; 
this might be a take on the log cabin block.

I'm betting this has a pattern name, but I like the randomness.  
I call it a scrappy quilt.

Oh so luxurious!  It appeared to be suede.

More cats!  And such diversity!

This one looks complicated, but so lovely!

The colors in this one were more vibrant

This quilt intrigued me:  I studied it for some time.

If you look closely at the edge, you'll see the fabric before cutting.

This "flower" was created using butterfly wings from the yardage.  Each 6-piece flower inside the blue border was made from certain parts of other flowers or butterflies.  
My expert quilting friend tells me this is a variation of "stack and whack", a technique I hope to learn someday!

Beautiful purple!  Notice the triangles that are larger?  
And in both directions.

Susan's dream bag, sans bow ;-)

Amazing dolphin quilt seams so tedious!
 Look how small the pieces are!

I really liked the fancy swirly quilting on this one...
enlarge to appreciate.

And finally, a fabric landscape.  This is remarkable!
I am able to do similar things, with glass...
only microscopic in comparison!
Come back tomorrow for a show in glass beads.


  1. You're dreaming about quilts, you wantobe quilter you! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous quilts!

  2. These quilts are just gorgeous- that dolphin quilt is unbelievable - such small pieces- way too complicated for me and my eyes- the last one is just awesome!! what creativity these quilters have!!

  3. The quilts were sooo beautiful, with the colors even more vibrant in person. Thanks for sharing your photos!

  4. Gorgeous. If I take on one more hobby, I will def keel over!