Wednesday, October 24, 2012


While at Arenal (Volcano) Resort, we decided to take in the Butterfly Garden and tour on our own.  The trail leading to it had some exotic fruit tree.

 The inside smelled citrusy.  We didn't eat any and never found out what it was.

Central American bulls have funny ears.

Along the trail...unusual plants.

Another strange fruit, inside something like a walnut shell.  And these 2 are a bit different.

Mr. T read this to me while I shot the pic, which brought more than a part, it says:
"This trail you are about to walk is a loop about 1500 meters (1 mile long) passing over 
mildly undulating terrain. "  
(Oh, it was MORE than mild!  Hee-hee...Our newest favorite phrase now).

We made our way to the enclosed Butterfly Garden, aptly named, as we only saw a single butterfly.  And, he mostly stood.

This wild Blue and Gold Macaw visited the porch twice a day.

The workers there feed him almonds.

The Torch Ginger was large, abundant, and brilliant.

The limes are orange inside!

This guy rustled the leaves, surprising me on the way to breakfast.

Luckily, I had my camera ready, just as he struck a pose. 
 Looks as if he's ready to stick out his tongue at me!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


14 days ago, we landed in the tropical paradise of

The beautiful Arenal Lodge is located in the northern region, several hours from the airport in San Jose, found ONLY with the use of the GPS. 
Check those switchback roads...oh, it was quite the adventure!

The Lodge is named for the Volcano visible from our bed.

The room was very spacious and dark with the beautiful native wood.

After the clouds cleared, from our balcony.

 We rode up and down steep mountains on horseback
with the expertise of our new friend and guide, Miguel.

And every day fresh towels were folded on the bed to portray an animal.

Don't cha just love those cute lil eyebrows, made from fern leaves!?

More to come in Part 2 ~ real native plants and wildlife.