Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tea Party Repurposed Part 2

Yesterday I promised to illuminate another product of repurposed teacups that will delight you - even enlighten you - and turn your view upside down!   First, I'd like to highlight my treasure find from the local thrift store (lighten up! you say?)

Ok.  Looky!  A lovely, translucent fine porcelain set by Noritake, "Ivanhoe" pattern.  Its delicate flowers and thin-walled construction make it most desirable to me.  When drinking tea, I prefer thin lip cups ~ tea just tastes even better!  Ah, but this one will give service in a new way...

Just a slight flip, a switch, and...Viola! An adorable 'lamp shade' makes a TeaLite!


A graceful addition to your guest room, bathroom, or kitchen.  Makes a dreary day feel brighter and lighthearted, and gives those orphan cups and saucers "purpose"! lol

Another favorite, elegant and romantic...and again with the pink flowers and gold trim.  I do love the almost regal handle, and footed cups (now the top) are my fav.  If you have need of one, contact me here .

 This little light of mine...
Hide it under a bushel?
NO!  I'm gonna let it shine.


  1. Ah... beautiful! I love this idea!

  2. Cis, these are just precious- and soooo "enlightening" -every guest room needs one-or a little girls room too!