Thursday, May 5, 2011

A "Sweet" Sound (Tea Party Repurposed Part 3)

My new friend Sharon shares my passion for the thrill of the hunt, in order to create new from old.  While I delight in a search for beautiful teacups

she fancies a good rummage for antique silver "ware" from tea spoons to tea pots.

And because I'm such a huge fan of all things tea, her recycled beauties quickly caught my eye.
Sharon's imagination is exceptional, as her pieces are not only a sight to behold, but tickle the ears endlessly...

like this one, I call Swan Song:

or this one, which is MINE now!  A sugar bowl ~just the right compliment to the spoon chimes, because when a little breeze "stirs", there's "sweet" sound!

Although it certainly deserves a place by my rose bush...

I will be more content to enjoy the beauty of its form and song just outside my lace draped picture window.  Can you see it?

Used items revamped for practical use and our enjoyment ~ these are among my favorite things.
                    Windchimes...                             Birdfeeders...  

Pair up for gifts or for your garden!  Visit Sharon's goodies at 
The Silver Lining and tell her Cynthia sent you ;-)  
Find my items here:  Teacup Birdfeeders & TeaLites

...And a Proper Tea Party!


  1. So lovely.... and such a great way to repurpose items no longer used.... love the sound of wind chimes!

  2. Those wind chimes are soooo creative and just gorgeous!! I love it by your rose bush too!!

    Some great finds at the flea markets, etc.- sooo pretty

  3. Holy Moly I want one! They are really lovely!