Monday, May 16, 2011

The Scents of Flower Power

Long ago and far away...or is it "far out man"?  Right on!  A child of the 60's, this 1963 Beetle was my first car (and old when I bought it), already painted up.  You'll never guess what I paid for it.

Ahhh....I can still remember the powerful smell of this vintage VW filled the senses!

I drove this puppy to school my senior year ~ many mornings I had to "push it off" to start it - by myself - jumping in and popping the clutch.  No easy task, because I lived at the beach and had to push it in sand!

Unfortunately, above is the only photo I have of this relic, but on the front and driver side, there are peace signs, butterflies, and flowers.
Speaking of which...I heard the call of some bedding flowers that I had purchased last week, begging to be put in the I took a break from torching glass to venture outside into perfect weather.

Hubby came home from helping a friend, and tilled up my round bed at the birdbath (after I raked up the winter pine needles, heh).

I played in the dirt awhile, moving plants here and there until I was semi-happy with it, enjoying the flower scents.  Once they spread and fill out, it'll be a glorious show.  So let's have show and tell of what I planted:

 Yellow and rosy portulaca

 yellow and pink lantana

double impatience in cherry and silhouette purple

petunias ~ purple of course

purple tops, long stems (um, I've forgotten what they're called)


1 yellow dahlia, 1 orangy-coraly dahlia

red begonias, pink begonias (with the bright green leaves, not the olive-y green)

white impatiens

2 coleuses in gorgeous variegated green and deep pink

Can hardly wait to see everything propagate and fill in.  The power of flowers, such beautiful sight and smell all around ~ it fills the senses.


  1. Awesome Cis- I so remember that painted up bug- your hippy dippy days!! LOL- the flowers are just gorgeous!!! Great job!!!

  2. Wouldn't you just love to have that old VW bug now???

  3. Your flowers look amazing!