Sunday, August 7, 2011

Toadily Handmade

The last blog post about an Etsy Treasury which included my work, reminded me how much fun it is to create one.  It had been a long time since I had done just that, so I "sprang" at the chance to try it again.

"Frog on a bead" is a popular choice of my market customers, in a variety of colors, but I'm fond of the old reliable pea green.  Not long ago, I made a pink frog and about 75% of visitors to my booth commented, "Look!  It's a snail!"  Recently, a loving daddy treated his little girl to the pink... umm...I think they called it a frog ;-)

But I jumped off topic, so back to my Etsy Treasury - which I titled, "Toadily Handmade".  I took a leap of faith as I scouted around for all things froggy, and came up with everything  
from Violet-Lime Goatmilk Soap

and Kiss a Prince aromatherapy bath salts (deep breath),

to Frogs Galore Cloth Diapers (a BFGO*) 
 *BFGO = buy four get one

and Sterling Silver Trapeze Frog Earrings.  These pretty lil danglies are must haves...just click to see them. You'll be ribbited to the page! (groan)  For the final sneak peek, a precious Crocheted Frog Baby Beanie with Earflaps:

Great for those precious sleeping baby photo shots!  And many more lovely surprises to behold in the treasury, especially green froggy ones!

And let me take this opportunity to shout out to Corina, the princess of frogs, and her book Passing the Flame.  Five years in, and I'm still learning from it and enjoying plenty of eye candy too!

Hop on the bus!  Have a great Sunday,

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  1. thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! love your frog bead, its so cute, I want to learn lampwork bead making!