Monday, August 22, 2011

Soup, Soup, Who's in the Soup?

Does the blog post title take you back a few years?  I haven't thought about my favorite childhood game since heck was a pup!  But tonight, the phrase just crept forward from the ancient archives of my memory.

My sister and I, cousins, and neighborhood kids used to stay outside til after dark playing this "interactive" game (to use 21st century verbiage).  The children formed a circle around one blindfolded person who stood with outstretched pointing finger while slowly twirling and reciting the game's mantra in monotone (spooky-ish) tone:

"Soup, soup, who's in the soup?"

Whomever the pointed finger landed on when the question ended, had to reply what kind of soup they were, but with a disguised voice: "TOMATO SOUP!" (deep, husky voice).  If the blindfolded guessed who spoke, they gave chase and if "tomato soup" was caught, they had to return to the middle of the circle and be "it".  Such were the days of my youth, ah......

In my last post, I sorta blindfolded YOU and asked:  
Soup, soup, who's in the soup? 

 Can you guess?

Ok, let's take off the steamy lid, so we're able to get a peek...

I think we could call it "Seashell Macaroni"!  LOL.

This is the bead soup I sent to my partner, Kitty at Perles and Life; I do hope she likes the ingredients I sent.

And tomorrow, we shall find out "Who's in the Soup" that Kitty sent to me!  I can't wait to show you!  Off to shoot photos...


  1. I had totally forgotten about that game- and it was usually played in our front yard with all the neighborhood kids - it was fun- and after that we would catch lighting bugs!!!

  2. Those ingredients look yummy!! Bet she will love them!

  3. Awesome soup - in my fav colors! And I'm so eagerly waiting for my soup to arrive:-)

  4. I loved this post. ah for the days when children played outside. Sandlot baseball,and somthing about redrover let someone come over. We played with stickhorses and our two fingers for guns. Hide-ans-seek Oh well that is all 20th centry.
    Be Blessed to be a blessing

  5. What a beautiful blog. I feel like I am in the sea and ofcourse, what a clever way to pull us in. Lots to work with. Andrea Trank Heaven Lane Creations

  6. Hang on, let me pick my jaw up from the floor. WOWOWOWOW. Can't wait to see what comes out of the soup pot!

  7. Lovely ingredients! Can't wait to see what gets cooked up!

  8. beautiful mix! And I love that focal! Oh the reveal is going to be SO fabulous! I've seen so many stunning bead soups!!

  9. Great colors! I am very partial to the ocean scheme...Great mix...YUM

  10. Love it all.. Beautiful focal and's all so lovely.