Monday, June 27, 2011

Whooo New?

At LAST! A post that will correspond to my blog name!

Lately, I've been busy filling custom orders and working on new challenges.  I'm thrilled when someone asks, "Have you every made ________?" (fill in the blank with assorted animals, landscapes, produce, or color combos).  My standard answer:  "No...but I WILL!"

And gladly.  I get bored easily if I have to make the same color/style beads over and over, so I don't...any more than 2 earring beads (that have to be similar in appearance), and I'm ready to attack another project, at least in that sitting.

But here's an exception:  My Seascapes, which allow for plenty of variation in design, so I could enjoy making several of these beads in one sitting.

Frogs are a favorite to make and so popular with my customers.  These lil guys take lots of "angel-hair-spaghetti-thin" glass to make the legs (and perhaps magnification for me).   I have to say they all turn out with different "personalities".


I made of series of the "Poison Dart Frog" variety, but unfortunately they were all absent on picture day.  They looked somewhat like these:

Several weeks ago, a fellow vendor asked whether I'd ever made tomato earrings.  I gave him my standard answer, and later dug out my red and green rods for some fun.  I would make these fact, there have been several more requests for them.

So, give me a challenge and I'm HOT to trot.

Like the couple who recently visited my booth and asked whether I make owls with my glass.  Again, the standard answer was offered and I raced home to dig out my Audobon Handbook of Eastern Birds, and my Birds of North America Spotter's Guide, to study the pictures of owls.  Whoooo knew there were so many species of these wise birds???

Here, the results of my studies followed by attempts at the torch ~ Hooty ~ front and back:

I also sculpted a head only, this one a different variety.
And another attempt.

Funny...I started this blog post over a week ago, and just last night, dreamed I saw a big ol' owl in our huge oak tree.  I was "hooing" at him, trying to get a response.  He looked much like the Great Gray Owl:
Off to the torch!  I have some more ideas!


  1. Beautiful... you do incredibly beautiful work!

  2. How neat Cis- those are cute mater earrings- and the hoot owls are a hoot!!! LOL!! really great work!!!