Monday, June 13, 2011

Heiloom Quilting... Part II

If you missed the previous episode, these are the handiwork of my Granny Eller, or Betsy as she was known.  I've shown my pieces in the most recent post and how she made us new clothing using our old clothing!  The following items, I inherited from my mom:

These were my mom's slacks, made by her mom.  Front:

I enjoy looking at each piece of fabric.  Back:

My mom's shorts, front and back.

The burgundy and tan patch below, is a lil pocket.

More shorts, I think these were my granny's...
and another pocket!

Here's an unlined skirt, front and back.  I'm not sure whether it was left that way intentionally for a cooler fit, or not enough time to line.
I recognize my piano recital dress among these squares (pink with daisies).

Another unlined skirt, this one probably Mama's.  I recognize the fabrics from other clothing.  My sister and I used to have big full psychedelic "bell-sleeve dresses" made from the maroon/orange patches, and the pink swirly-curly patches (I have a pic somewhere).

  And finally, the last item I pulled from the bag:  A quilt flimsy.  I recently learned this term from My Friend's Quilt Blog.  This flimsy appears to be pillow sized.

The back side

I plan to complete this project that my granny began so many years ago - as a pillow.  Other ideas welcomed! 
My next blog post will be about glass, and some beads...
well, maybe ;-)


  1. Lots of memories in these pieces of quilting that Granny E did for us- You housecoat I didn't remember.

  2. What wonderful memories... I like that you're going to make a pillow from the small flimsy... when you have such a treasure, you definitely should have it out so you can enjoy it! I'm sure your grandmother would approve!

  3. OMG ! Your Grandmother used every little bit up.
    I can't believe that you still have them all.
    What a treasure.....