Saturday, March 10, 2012

Three of My Favorite Things

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Without trying, I somehow managed to combine three of my favorite past-times/passions/pleasures:

1) Glass Bead Making,

2) Quilting,

3) Tea Parties!

Before I reveal this new set, a visit with a few of my tea buddies.

 Carol and me at a local tea room in Wilmy.

THIS is the ever-famous Lomonosov Factory in St. Petersberg, Russia:  The bomb-diggity, the motherlode, the creme-de-la-crem of tea sets.  I had the thrilling pleasure of browsing these shelves of Imperial China in 2005. 

My sweet husband had visited Russia in 1993 (before we moved there in 1994), and brought home to me a tea set of 6 Lomonosov cups and saucers, carefully in his backpack. 
How did he know?  Out of all the patterns, THIS would be the one I adore!?!

I took this photo at The Hermitage in St. Pete.  More Imperial China, the "porcelain of the Tzars".

 My Russian friends, celebrating my birthday with a tea.  They always know how to tea party!

 My tea buddies in Wilmy.  We love to dress up -hats and gloves- and priss about.
 Good times!

For a few years, I enjoyed catering tea parties. 

I also used to make these adorable teapot earrings.  Just might have to make a few more.

And now THE perfect gift for your BFF: 
Mug rug, teacup, and sweet little teaspoon with coordinating beads.

 It makes me happy!  I have tea EVERY day, and I hope my customers will find some joy at tea time!


  1. thats such a great idea- and you did get to combine all 3 of your favs together- who would have thunk it !! love the little spoon

  2. What a fun post! I love tea too :)

  3. What a fun post! I love tea too :)