Monday, November 21, 2011

More Candy

EYE candy...for your sweet tooth ~

but they'll look better hanging from your ears.

Mr. Frosty here was a custom order, 
but I decided to go bigger and made another.

Note his little flower in his hat, and the icy crystals sticking to him.

Snow Bear is another custom request.

 Mr. and Mrs. Snow.  The hats are a bit Turkish without the brims.

The holidays bring joy 
and exciting challenges for me with glass.


  1. Love with all capitals LOVE those peppermint earrings! You're so good at making the "candies" and have turned them into great looking jewelry!


  2. Those peppermint candy earrings are so delicious it is hard to believe they are glass. The snowmen are so very cute. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.