Saturday, October 15, 2011

Going Southwest!

is the theme of the October exhibit at Art Exposure Gallery in Hampstead. I created a few offerings, and managed to get a couple of shots:
I call this one "Desert Under Glass" (not "dessert" ;-)

Photos are lacking, but here's "Turquoise Treasures"

For last night's 2nd Friday Reception, we were to bring a dish to share with a Southwest flavor.
 I chose to make my Zesty Cheese Straws, adding some extra pep in the recipe, and finished the dish with goodies from my dear friend and fellow vendor, Angela of

 Pretty and tasty!

The reception was enjoyable, and the new artwork in the show was just stunning!
Stop in and browse the newest exhibit!



  1. MMM Yummy the jewelry and the food!I'm lovin the Turquoise set.

  2. Oh, the jewelry is gorgeous!!!

    .... and I'll take a handful of them cheese thingies!