Friday, September 23, 2011


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Probably the most popular/requested glass bead creature that I make is the sea turtle (frogs are a close second).

At least two factors multiplied result in the product:

1) I am situated on the coast

2) Topsail Island's Sea Turtle Hospital is located nearby.

Now in their 15th year, many volunteers dedicate their time and talents to watching and protecting nests, and caring for injured sea turtles.

My first encounter with a real live sea turtle occurred right there on Topsail Island when I was a small girl on vacation.  A huge mother turtle had come to shore to lay her eggs, and I recall seeing the grownups trying to force her back out to sea.

It seems they (mistakenly) thought she had lost her mind or sense of direction, as they pushed on the huge marine reptile, the poor thing.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Among the turtles I create the design I try to emulate is the Loggerhead class.  I'm more fond of the ones that look more natural in color with earth tones.

But...I've had requests for turquoise turtles, 

emerald turtles,
and even pink ones!
(absent on photo day)

Think I'll head out to the torch soon...
time for some glass therapy.

And tomorrow, I'll be teaching others
how to make glass beads.  Good times!



  1. Turtles are so fascinating and your turtle beads are stunning!

  2. Your turtles are great! I've seen many turtles nesting on Cumberland Island in Georgia. They are amazing creatures, thanks for sharing your designs.