Monday, April 25, 2011

Bad Hair Day???

Long hair can be a daily challenge, but the right learning tools and accessories can prevent potential bad hair days! {Click the pics to zoom}

With the use of decorative hair sticks, you can color coordinate or even go with a wardrobe theme for the day. 

Take a moment to "poke around" ;-) this just might see something that makes hair care fun!

Whip it up into a Chinese knot, wrap up a Figure 8, or twist into a Basic bun ~ possibilities abound!

A huge shout out to my cousin Sabrina, for the tutorial demonstrating the techniques.  She has the longest and prettiest hair of anyone I know.  Great job Cuz!


  1. LOVE the hair sticks! It's a snap to get your hair up and go! I have to say the special glass dachshund is my fave!

  2. Beautiful indeed... almost makes me want to keep my hair longer!

  3. These are gorgeous- wish I had longer hair

  4. Our Cuz does a great demo of how to use the hair sticks!!!